Thursday, 20 September 2012

Business and home IT support - Birmingham to Wolverhampton, West Midlands

We can offer on-site IT support for £50 per call-out. Please contact us for contract information if continual maintenance is required.

Data wiping

You should be aware that sensitive data is still available to I.D. thieves, even after you have thrown
it in the bin and deleted it. We have special data removal software that permanently removes all
traces of hidden files making it impossible to retrieve.

Recover of your lost music, documents and pictures.

Sometimes viruses can delete your data, or hide it from you. Data may also need to be retrieved if you forget your password to Windows and we can even get back deleted files from your machine. Unfortunately, we can never guarantee that data will not be corrupted.

When your hard disk has failed and stopped spinning, please note we would not be able to perform hard drive recovery. It should also be noted that we cannot retrieve software programs as Windows will not allow this function.

Bespoke PC training

Don't be restricted by what you can do with your laptop or PC computer. We offer specific computer training tailored to your needs. We cover hardware and software training. Our service can be for novices, for example, finding your way around the Internet or Facebook, or for more advanced clients using more complex programmes. Call us and see if we can help you.

Laptop repair, screen replacement.

Cracked or damaged laptop screens can be replaced in most cases from £99, inclusive of fitting. We will need to order the specific screen for your laptop, so this job takes approximately one week to complete. A deposit of £60 or the laptop is required before the order is accepted. When you phone we will ask for the laptop make and model number so that we can give you a quote.
Payments can be processed via PayPal or we can call on you for cash payment.

Fixed rate On-Site PC Repair in Birmingham and the West Midlands

Our aim is to repair your computer on the same day as you call us, or at your earliest convenience. The PC repair will take place at your home or business whenever possible. We can also re-install your Internet connection for you, and transfer data from the old machine to new ones if required.
Please note: We will not repair laptops which have been liquid damaged or with severe body or multiple hardware damage. In these cases we would generally advise the purchasing of a new machine as it is often more cost effective.

PC Set-up

We can set up a totally new computer and all the peripherals you require, along with connection to the Internet. If you don’t have the peripheral disks, don.t worry, we should be able to find them online.
We can also transfer data such as pictures, documents and music from one machine to another for an additional cost of £70.